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Consultancy Services

Abeceder has brought together talented Associates, Developers and Researchers to form a team with the capability to build results focused solutions for all companies regardless of their size, or the budget they have available.

Find out more about the solutions we provide:

Abeceder knows that the real strength of any company is in the skills and knowledge of its employees and their ability to adapt to change.

Abeceder trainers can design and run one-off events, or create and implement company wide training programmes.

Our Training Agency helps you select the best training course from a range of training suppliers. View our training courses and events pages for more information.
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Abeceder knows that as society changes become increasingly rapid, companies must also learn to become increasingly entrepreneurial if they are to survive.

Abeceder provides you with the tools you need to create both proactive and responsive change within your company.
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Abeceder knows that employees don't need to be on a training course to be developing.

Abeceder can help you ensure that your employees are continuous developing, with services ranging from company wide appraisal systems to one-on-one coaching.
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Abeceder knows that employment legislation is constantly changing, and that in an increasingly litigious world employers need to be ready to defend legal actions.

Abeceder provides information on current and future employment legislation.

Our consultancy team and legal partners will help you avoid legal action, and resolve disputes constructively. If necessary they will provide representation in legal actions.
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Abeceder knows the importance of getting compensation and benefits right for all types of employees.

Abeceder will help you identify the right package for a single employee or for the whole company.

Our researchers conduct focused research for regions, industries, professions, etc.

Abeceder creates financial employee benefits that attract and retain key employees.
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Abeceder knows that competition to recruit and retain the best employees is getting tougher.

Abeceder audit your recruitment process, create competency assessments, conduct psychometric assessments, or run an assessment centre, we will help you ensure you recruit the right person.

Abeceder knows that the cost of replacing a key employee is not limited to recruitment expenditure.

Once you have recruited the right person we will help you keep them. View our current appointments.
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Abeceder knows that making sure your employees are kept informed, is key to ensuring their motivation, and retention.

Abeceder will create the right communication tools for your company, whether this is a one-off newsletter or an intranet.
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As business becomes more international it is important that companies can move quickly to meet any challenge, wherever it occurs.

All Abeceder services are available to United Kingdom based companies operating internationally and internationally based companies operating in the United Kingdom.
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Abeceder knows that businesses today demand solutions now!

Abeceder offers many of its products and services through our website. Constantly updated they help to ensure that you are making a real contribution to corporate performance, when it matters most.
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Abeceder recognises that a full scale consultancy solution may not be appropriate for everybody.

The Abeceder resource centre offers a range of solutions that will help you create workable solutions to every day business issues, whatever your budget or timescale.

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Abeceder knows that administration is often see as a burden but also recognises that done well administration can become a natural part of the working day, and deliver improvements in company performance.

Abeceder can help you administer you business more effectively, or take over responsibility for your administrative functions.
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Abeceder knows that Health & Safety must come first, but that often it is disregarded.

Abeceder will show you how to create employee interest in Health & Safety, and how a good Health and Safety culture can positively impact corporate performance.
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Abeceder knows that the cost of insurance is getting higher and higher.

Abeceder can help you find cheaper insurance quotes, by showing you how to avoid the risks that push premiums up.
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Contact Abeceder to find out more about our services, or to discuss you specific requirements.
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