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GPs to offer sick workers better future - 18-02-2005
The Government is continuing to combat Briatain's sick note culture.

Alan Johnson, Work and Pensions Secretary claims that tomorrow's doctors can play a key role in offering sick and disabled workers a better future.

Mr Johnson has said that general practitioners could aid Government plans to help people with health problems and disabilities stay in work and end the "sick note" culture.

"The doctors of tomorrow, he said, "would have a crucial role to play in changing the "can't do" culture to a "can do" one by helping people focus on work.

"There's a high level of trust in the doctor-patient relationship and we need the support of doctors to help people with manageable health conditions get back to full health and ultimately work.

"Many of today's doctors already work closely with us and have recognised that often the best prescription for someone with a manageable health condition is some form of work. So with support of the medical profession, employers and our innovative Pathways to Work programme, we can build a consensus to help people into work rather than leave them to a lifetime on benefits."

"While we must provide security for people who cannot work, increasingly doctors agree that signing some people off as long-term sick is not always in the best interests of their health - in fact it can make them worse. For many people a job can be an important step on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

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