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Charter Mark for Employment Appeal Tribunal - 23-02-2005
Gerry Sutcliffe, Employment Relations Minister has congratulated the Employment Appeal Tribunal on achieving Charter Mark status, the standard for excellence in service delivery, for the first time.

He also congratulated the Employment Tribunal Service (ETS) Regional Operations Directorates on achieving, for the second time, re-accreditation of Charter Mark for a further three years.

He said

"I am pleased that the Employment Appeal Tribunal has won this important accreditation and that the ETS has renewed it for a second time.

"These successes characterise the high level of public service delivery that the Government aims to provide across all of our frontline services."

Accreditation confirms ETS's commitment to providing a high standard of service to their users and high levels of customer satisfaction. Its year on year increase in customer satisfaction stems from the Agency engaging with all people - staff, customers and stakeholders at each stage of the business.

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