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Abeceder Confirms attendance at IOSH 11 - 23-02-2011

Abeceder managing director Michael Millward has confirmed that Work Place Learning Centre the learning resources shop of Abeceder will be exhibiting at the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health IOSH 11 Conference and Exhibition on 15th and 16th March 2011, on stand F116.

WorkPlaceLearningCentre will be launching at IOSH 11 a partnership with The Insurance Partnership that could reward employers for providing safety training with significant savings in insurance premiums.

Work Place Learning Centre the learning resources web shop which is part of Abeceder has teamed up with The Insurance Partnership to create a recession busting training programme which will provide users with reductions in employers and public liability premiums of up to 15%

The programme uses resources from the S*A*F*E* range of safety education resources, including those that feature the characters from the hit TV series The Simpsons to create a training programme that has been proven to reduce accidents by as much as 42%.

S*A*F*E* is a structured but straight-forward approach that enables any team member to deliver a focused safety briefing in about 15 minutes that engages with every learning style, and really gets people talking about the safety issues that they face in their working environment.

Initial training activities can be supplemented with DVD based training and e-learning. Users can also chose to re-enforce the initial training with an extensive range of posters that include the twelve new posters in The Simpsons range which will also be launched at IOSH 11.

Chris Brady, Head of Corporate Risks at The Insurance Partnership says

“Our whole approach at The Insurance Partnership is focused on helping our clients to reduce insurance costs by reducing the risks their employees face in the workplace regardless of whether that is a factory, shop, office or out on the road. When the risk is an inherent part of the operation of the business it is important that employees receive sensible information about those risks and hazards in a way that allows them to understand the dangers and how to avoid them.

S*A*F*E* has a proven track record of raising employee awareness of safety issues, and incident reduction and we are pleased to be able to recognise that in the premiums we are able to offer companies that use S*A*F*E*.

Michael Millward managing director of Abeceder, the official distributor of S*A*F*E* described the opportunity to work with The Insurance Partnership as a real recognition for value provided by S*A*F*E*. It is important he said that employers do not neglect safety education during times when budgets are being squeezed. We have known for a long time about the benefits of training, but with this partnership we are able to deliver a demonstrable cash return on the investment a company makes in that training.

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