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Abeceder launches new Health and Safety news service - 01-02-2012

When Abeceder launched in 2004 it included a news service covering stories that would be important for employers and health and safety professionals.

After eight successful years the Abeceder has grown to become a substantial source of information and the company has decided to create a series of information focused websites that will be separate from the employee management services offered by the main Abeceder company.

A new landing page has been created for the main Abeceder website and a new service has been launched Abeceder Information, which will focus on providing information focused content in print, sound and vision.

The new health and safety focused news service will be called

With Hazards and Risks Abeceder aims to create a practical source of news and information for employers as well as health and safety professionals, said Michael Millward Abeceder managing director.

Health and Safety, he continued is the first responsibility of every employer regardless of their size, industry or time in business. Yet it is a subject that has become both the whipping boy of politicians and the popular press, and the first excuse of people who want to do nothing.

Hazards and Risks will aim to help employers and employees understand risks and manage hazards so that everyone can enjoy a safe working environment.

Hazards and Risks

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