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Abeceder Publishing Services
Abeceder Publishing has three purposes:
  1. To make the knowledge and experience of the Abeceder team of consultants available to as many people as possible, whatever the size or location of their business, whether they had been in business for many years, or are just starting out, regardless of their budget.

  2. To give people who are thinking independently about business and people management to present their ideas to the widest possible audience.

  3. To produce the books, (We use the term Books in this context to refer to information presented in any format, training package, Loose-leaf folder, DVD, CD-ROM or on-line service) that real business people need, to meet their business needs but can not find elsewhere. [Proposal Form]
Abeceder: The Right Publisher for You
Publishing with Abeceder means that you will be working, not just with editors and designers, but with real practitioners who have many years experience of the real business world, and will help you increase your chances of success by creating something that meets a real business need.

Whilst you are creating your book we will focus on you the individual, rather than a set process making sure that you have the support you need to avoid any writers blocks.

If this is the first time you have been involved in the creation of a printed book, or audio-visual product, we understand exactly how you feel. There will be a project manager who will work closely with you to make sure that you are comfortable with each stage of the process and understand exactly what we need from you and why. [Top]

Whilst we value independent thinking we appreciate proposals that are submitted in a standard format as this makes it easier for our independent minds to make their assessment and get back to you as quickly as possible. Once the proposal form has been completed, you can provide additional information in any format you like. [Top]

The Content
What will the book be called?

What would be your one page, or two-minute pitch for the book?

You must make sure that we know the answers to these questions, and anymore you think are important, so don't waffle!

  • A synopsis of the book
  • Why is there a need for the book
  • What sorts of people would it appeal to
  • Is it a theoretical or a practical book? Hint: At Abeceder we tend to focus on the practical
  • Can you include real life examples to support what the book is proposing?
  • How big will it be?
  • How many chapters will there be? Do you know what they will be called?
  • What cross selling opportunities will there be? Could we also create a training course, DVD CD-ROM or add additional content to the Abeceder website?
  • What stage are you at? Have you started it yet? When do you think you could complete it by? Do you have anything you can show us now? Have you written a research paper or article, which is linked to the book?
  • Is your book linked to an event over which you have no control, like new legislation? [Top]
What is the market for the book?
Describe the type of person you expect to buy the book, be as specific as you can.
  • What job will they have?
  • What will they be responsible for?
  • What sort of organization do they work in?
  • How many of these people do you think there are?
  • Who else might buy it, in the UK or overseas [Top]
What will your book compete against?
  • Do you know of any other books that have attempted to do either the same or a similar thing to your book? If so please tell us about them.
  • What makes your book different?
  • What will make your book better than the existing books? [Top]
Marketing your book?
  • Imagine yourself in a lift with a potential buyer of your book. What three things would you tell them about it to convince them to buy it? Be quick now their floor is approaching
  • Tell what you will do to support the marketing of your book [Top]
What makes you the best person to write this book?
  • Send us your curriculum vitae or resume. Not the one you use for job hunting, one that tells us why you are the best person to write this book?
  • Do people already know you as an expert in this area? Have you written anything on this subject before? [Top]
Last but not Least
  • Don't forget to give us your contact details. [Top]
Your Publication Proposal
Please complete the form below to submit a proposal to Abeceder.
Suggested Book Title*:
Purpose of the Book*:
Suggested Book Structure*:
Suggested Book Length*:
Book Market*:
Competition/Similar Works*:
Unique Selling Points*:

I would like to write this book myself:

Your CV*:
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