Abeceder Ltd Website Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions set out below carefully before using the Abeceder.co.uk website (“the Website”).

By using the Website, you confirm your acceptance of terms and conditions set out below.

1. Use of your account

1.1. Access to the Website is (save for the purchase of the products and services available on the Website) free of charge.

However, we require you to register as a user of the Website in order to participate in any of the online activities or purchase any of the products and services available through the Website.

Abeceder Limited (“Abeceder”) will provide you with a membership number and allow you to choose a password to enable you to register as a user and thereafter to log on to the Website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your membership number and password are kept confidential and to prevent unauthorised access to your account with Abeceder.

You agree that you shall be responsible for any access to the Website that is gained through your membership number and password.

You agree that you will inform us immediately if you suspect your membership number or password has become known to a third party or your account is being used, or is likely to be used, in any way which is contrary to these conditions.

1.2. You confirm that all personal details you provided to us on registering as a user of the Website are correct.

Should any of the details change from time to time, you agree that you will contact us as soon as possible to update the information.

1.3. Abeceder reserves the right in its discretion to deny you access to the Website, cancel your account with us and terminate the operation of your membership number and password.

1.4. You agree to accept full responsibility for any electronic communications sent from your computer to Abeceder.

1.5 The Website is designed for use by persons over the age of 18 only. It is also directed at commercial enterprises and business or professional organisations.

2.0 Privacy and Security

You confirm that you have read our privacy and security policy. We agree that we will take the steps set out in our privacy and security policy to endeavour to secure any personal data and credit card information you give us.

3. Access to the Website

3.1 Abeceder cannot guarantee that your access to the Website will be uninterrupted, fault free and reliable as it may be interrupted by conditions affecting the internet that are beyond our control.

From time to time, we may need to suspend or limit access to the Website so we can carry out upgrades, correct errors or provide new functions and facilities.

Where possible, we will give you advance notice of such interruptions and will endeavour to make the period of suspension or interruption as brief as possible.

3.2 We do not represent or warrant that the Website or any of its content will be accurate, complete, or reliable

4. Licence for use

Abeceder grants to you a non-exclusive revocable licence to use the Website but you may not download, modify, copy, reproduce, duplicate, or otherwise exploit for commercial gain any part of the Website without our prior written consent.

Such licence includes the right to create a hyperlink to the home page of the Website and to electronically copy and print in hard copy portions of the Website solely in connection with the acquisition of any goods or services made available through the Website.

5. Your use of the Website

5.1. You acknowledge that use of the Website for any of the purposes set out below is strictly prohibited. If you engage in any of these activities, or commit any other material breach of any of these terms and conditions, it will result in your membership number and password, account with us and licence for use being immediately revoked:-

5.1.1. to carry out any activity that is fraudulent, criminal, or otherwise unlawful;

5.1.2. to send, transmit or re-produce any material that Abeceder deems to be obscene, menacing, defamatory, indecent, abusive, threatening, offensive or illegal; in breach of the copyright, trade mark, confidentiality or any other right of a third party; which is in any other way harmful or objectionable to a third party; which contains or may contain any form of software virus; which is of a political nature; or which consists of chain letters or “spam”;

5.1.3. to cause distress to a third party;

5.1.4 to carry out any activity which may cause the Website or third-party access to it to be interrupted or damaged in any way.

6. Discussion Forum

Use of the discussion forum is subject to additional terms and conditions, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Discussion Forum Terms and Conditions

7. Copyright and Trademarks

7.1 Abeceder and parties whom Abeceder has commissioned to develop the Website or to provide content for the Website on its behalf own the copyright in the content of the Website and in the compilation of all content on the Website. This includes all text, graphics, icons, images, data and software (“the Website Content”).

7.2 You agree that you will not copy, extract or re-use any part of the Website Content without the prior written consent of Abeceder. You may not compile your own database that includes any of the Website Content without the prior written consent of Abeceder.

7.3 You acknowledge that Abeceder and the Abeceder logo are subject to applications for registered trademarks in the United Kingdom and/ other jurisdictions. You further acknowledge that the graphics, logos, icons and artwork featured on the Website represent the Abeceder brand. Such content cannot be used in connection with any product or service offered by a party other than Abeceder, in any manner which would be likely to cause confusion with the Abeceder brand or in any way which is derogatory to Abeceder.

7.4 From time to time, the Website may feature trademarks and/or trading styles of third parties which are not the property of Abeceder. Such trademarks and/or trading styles are the property of their respective owners and may not be used or reproduced in any way without the prior consent of such third parties, and no permission is given by Abeceder in respect of the use of any of them.

8. Purchase of goods and service

8.1. Abeceder provides a facility on the Website whereby third parties offer to sell goods and supply services to users of the Website on payment of the relevant fee or subscription price. It will be apparent where goods or services are offered by a third party. You acknowledge that all such goods and services are provided by the relevant third party on their terms and conditions prevailing from time to time and that Abeceder acts as an intermediary only in offering such goods and services for sale or supply. Abeceder strongly recommends that you carefully review the terms and conditions and privacy statements of such third parties before transacting with them. The relevant terms and conditions may be available via the Website, but Abeceder is under no obligation to procure that such terms and conditions are available. You acknowledge that where a third party is involved in a transaction, Abeceder may share customer information with them.

8.2 Abeceder also provides links to the websites operated by other companies and businesses.

8.3 Abeceder takes no responsibility for examining or evaluating and offers no warranty or endorsement for the products or services offered by third parties, or the content of third-party websites generally. Abeceder shall have no responsibility or liability for the actions, products, or content of any third party.

8.4 Without prejudice to the foregoing, Abeceder does not represent or warrant that:

8.4.1 services provided by third parties will be provided with due care and skill: or

8.4.2 goods provided by third parties will be of merchantable quality or fit for any purpose that you may have made known to the third party.

8.5 Abeceder also offers its own branded products and products from third party suppliers for sale on the Website. The terms and conditions on which Abeceder supplies products can be accessed through the following link:

Terms and conditions on which Abeceder supplies products

9. Communications between us

You agree that we may communicate with you by e-mail at the address you communicated to us when you registered as a user of the Website. You agree that any communication received from us by e-mail satisfies any legal requirements for such communications to be in writing.

10. Our liability to You

10.1. To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all liability (howsoever arising) and whether or not due to our negligence) which we may otherwise have to you as a result of:

10.1.1. any technical, factual, textual or typographical inaccuracies, errors or omissions on or relating to the Website or any information on the Website;

10.1.2. the unavailability of the Website (or any part of it) or any goods or services offered through the Website;

10.1.3. any delay (whether by ourselves or any third party) in providing, or failure to provide or make available, goods or services, or any negligent provision of goods or services by a third party;

10.1.4. any goods provided by a third party not being of merchantable quality or fit for their intended purpose;

10.1.5. any misrepresentation on or relating to the Website or any goods or services to be provided through the Website (other than a fraudulent misrepresentation made by us or on our behalf);

10.1.6. any policies, articles and information available on the Website or your reliance on the content thereof.

10.2. Our maximum liability to you in respect of your use of the Website or any goods or services made available to you through or in relation to the Website will be limited in any 12 month period to the price of the goods and/or services purchased from the Website during the 12 month period in question. You agree that we shall have no liability for indirect or consequential loss, loss of data, income or profits or damages for loss of or damage to property.

10.3. You agree that each of these limitations is reasonable having regard to the nature of the Website and in particular given that when you purchase goods or services through the Website, you will enter into a separate contract with the supplier in each case.

10.4. None of the exclusions or limitations contained in these conditions shall exclude or restrict our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

10.5 None of the above exclusions shall affect any statutory rights which are not capable of being excluded.

10.6 Each of the above exclusions and limitations shall be construed as a separate and severable provision of these conditions.

10.7 Without prejudice to any of the foregoing provisions of this clause, to the extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, claims, demands, proceedings, liability or loss which you may incur or suffer as a result of relying or acting upon any content or information which appears on the Website (whether produced by Abeceder or by a third party).

11. Variations

We reserve the right at any time to revise the content of the Website (including the services offered by Abeceder through the Website and goods and services offered by third parties).

12. Guides and policies

All guides, policies, articles, and information available on the Website have been produced by the third party who is accredited as the author of the work and not by Abeceder (save where Abeceder is accredited as the author).

Abeceder accepts no responsibility for the content of such works that are accredited to third parties.

All such works (whether produced by Abeceder or by third parties) are designed to be for information purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal or professional advice.

The authors of such works are not aware of the particular circumstances affecting users of the Website.

If you require advice on a legal or professional matter, you are strongly recommended to contact your own legal or professional advisers.

13. Events beyond Abeceder’s control

We shall not be liable to you for any breach of these terms and conditions of use or any failure to provide or delay in providing any services through the Website resulting from any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, strikes, lock-outs and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, fire, explosion or accident.

14. Prices of goods and services

We endeavour to make clear whether the quoted price for goods and services available through the Website include any relevant tax or duty or do not.

Where this is not clear, you should be aware before you make an order that you might be required to bear a liability to tax or duty (for example value added tax) imposed by the supplier or by operation of law that is in addition to the price.

Where goods and services are supplied by third parties, all quoted prices are those provided by the supplier to Abeceder and may be subject to change at the supplier’s discretion.

You are strongly recommended to verify prices direct with the supplier before placing an order for goods and services.

15. Waiver and unenforceability

15.1 If you breach any of these terms and conditions and we take no action, we will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies if you breach any of these terms and conditions on another occasion.

15.2 The enforceability or otherwise of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not affect the enforceability of the rest of these terms and conditions.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions (and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to them or their formation) shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

17. Definitions

17.1 “our”, “we”, “us” and “Abeceder” means Abeceder Limited (CRN 04871660), of LS23 6DX, and, where applicable, its officers, employees, and authorised agents; and

17.2 “you” and “your” means the user of the Website.

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