To deliver the best Hiring to Retiring employee management solution you must work with the best

Discover the organisations that Abeceder teamed-up with to deliver H2R, the complete hiring to retiring employee management solution

Legal Services

We have teamed-up with Weightmans LLP to provide a comprehensive employment law service to H2R subscribers

Payroll Bureau

  • We use a panel of specialist payroll bureaus both in the UK and internationally

Pensions Auto Enrolment

  • Specialists OPTESS provide our pensions auto-enrolment service

Employee Benefits

BHSF Connect is the employee benefits solution that is included in H2R


  • Make a positive impact on your employees’ health and well-being


  • Make the pound in your employees’ pocket go a bit further


  • Help your employees fulfil their lifestyle aspirations sooner

Recruitment and Selection

H2R includes a comprehensive recruitment and selection module which links to a range of related services

Recruitment Websites

  • The H2R recruitment module links to your recruitment page and favourite recruitment websites

Employment Consultancies

  • H2R helps you manage your relationship with your preferred recruitment agencies and consultants

Candidate Assessments

  • Use the major brand candidate assessment tools built in to H2R to make better hiring decisions

Learning and Development

H2R includes built-in access to Work Place Learning Centre, the independent, multi brand multi format catalogue of business focused learning resources and training courses

Employee Communications

We work with the team at The Four Works, publishers of the employees’ guide to employment to create engaging workplace communications

Financial Services


  • H2R users benefit from access to preferential premium rates for employers’ and public liability insurance and other business insurance


  • With H2R you can be assured that you have complied with your responsibilities to provide your employees with a retirement savings plan

Employee Financial Support

  • Secure your employees financial well-being with the comprehensive range of financial education and support services accessible via H2R

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