Education Support

Wherever Abeceder operates we aim to work with local education providers

You will find the next generation of workers in education.

So that we can influence how the next generation of workers are prepared for work Abeceder actively supports business
and HR related education in schools, academies colleges and universities

Learning for Employment

  • Abeceder provides supports the education or years 10 to 13 in every aspect of getting work and being successful at work

Student Mentoring

  • Each year Abeceder team members mentor people who are studying for qualifications that will lead to membership of the CIPD

Academic Prizes

  • Since 2005 Abeceder has been awarding prizes to students studying human resources at master’s level at selected universities.

Dissertation Support

  • Each year Abeceder supports a few students studying human resources at master’s level with the research for their dissertations.

Client Support

The Abeceder team actively support all our clients to adopt business management strategies that will enable them to build links with educators and develop their own next generation of workers.