Gender Pay Gap

Abeceder is committed to ensuring team member rewards are assessed equally regardless of gender or other non-job related characteristic

This statement is made pursuant to the Equality Act 2010
(Gender Pay Gap 
Information) Regulations 

 Passionate about Equality

  • At Abeceder we believe our operating principles are underpinned by the need to treat every team member equally at every stage of the relationship from hiring to retiring.


  • At Abeceder we have committed to fulfilling and promoting the objectives of the UK equality legislation

Proactive   Approach

  • At Abeceder we proactively monitor employment related activities to ensure that we can identify instances that do not fulfil our equality commitment and take corrective action


  • At Abeceder we report annually on our progress towards making sure that all team members are treated equally.

Client Support

The Abeceder team actively support all our clients to adopt business management strategies that will enable them to treat of their employees equally across every aspect of their relationship from hiring to retiring