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Health and Safety Department

A health and safety management solution incorporated into HR management software.

Stand-a-lone HR Professionals / HR Departments / HR Consultants / First Line Managers / Senior Managers / Directors / Payroll Managers / Health & Safety / Volunteers, Governors & Trustees


Health and Safety is a complex but essential part of operating any organisation 

Too often the health and safety of employees is managed separately from the management of those employees. 

Bring health and safety and employee management closer together and behavioural safety initiatives are more likely to be successful 

Safe workplaces are likely to be more productive workplaces


How H2R Helps

H2R provides comprehensive health and safety management tools and professional support to help any employer fulfil their health and safety obligations, including employee wellbeing.

Risk Assessment

  • To be useful a risk assessment needs kept up to date and readily available to employees and managers

Incident Investigation

  • The investigation of any incident must identify what happened and demonstrate how a repetition will be avoided

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R information about risk assessments, and how to remove, reduce and manage risks can be shared with employees immediately

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R you can create a multi format record of your investigation as it develops and demonstrate changes in your understanding

Health and Safety Education

  • It is important to ensure that your employees understand the hazards and risks associated with their workplace and their job role

Reports and Reporting

  • It is important that employees can report health and safety concerns easily and managers can create accurate internal and external reports

How H2R Helps

  • H2R users have access to the extensive range of health and safety education resources and training courses in the WPLC catalogue

How H2R Helps

  • Tools in H2R make it easy for employees to report hazards and risks, and for managers to create internal and external reports.

Employee Well Being

An increasingly important part of health and safety is the promotion and management of employee health and well-being.

How H2R helps

H2R provides a range of tools to help businesses both promote and manage employee health and well-being

Send Requirements

  • When you decide that you need workers from an external provider, you need those workers quickly

How H2R Helps

  • With the H2R recruitment module you can share worker requirements with external labour providers and manage the recruitment and induction process

Manage Flexible Workers

  • Flexible workers need to be managed in the same way as your employees with successes and problems handled promptly

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R you can manage every aspect of your flexible workers activities, and still share appropriate information with your labour provider

Work Life Balance

In the twenty-first century work takes many forms but always exists to facilitate the fulfilment of a flexible workers’ lifestyle aspirations.

How H2R Helps

The performance management tools in H2R enable managers and flexible workers to work together to build links between the achievement of their work objectives and the fulfilment of their lifestyle aspirations.

Employee Assistance Programme

  • Helping your employees deal with life’s challenges, big and small

Health Cash Plans

  • Money back for your employees when they use paid for health services

Occupational Health Services

  • Specialists who help employees to overcome the obstacles to working

Health and Well-Being App

  • Empowering your employers to take control of their own health and well being

Carer Support Services

  • Money back for your employees when they use paid for health services

GP Helpline

  • Access to a doctor when it is convenient for your employee, and your business

Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Work Place Learning Centre includes options for ensuring you have employees with this key skill

First Aid Training

  • An extensive range of first aid training options are available from Work Place Learning Centre

Discounted Physical Activity Plans

  • Get your employees active and fit with discounted access to a wide range of physical activities

Expert Assistance

With H2R you have access to the Abeceder health and safety support team. With H2R you have access to the Abeceder health and safety support team.
The Abeceder health and safety support team can provide support for every aspect of health and safety.
Whether it is one-off extra pair or hands you need, or a retained on-going support, or a specialist for a specific project you will find the correct person with the correct skills and knowledge to help you and make sure that you do the correct thing in the correct way, at the correct time, first time.

Someone to talk to

The health and safety support team includes specialists in every aspect of health and safety management and employee well being, so there is sure to be a professional available to answer your questions.