Job role: HR Consultant

H2R is the HR software solution that enables the independent HR consultant to provide a consistently high standard of service across multiple client organisations.

Independent HR consultants must cover every aspect of HR management, but time and client budget restraints often make it impossible to do more than ensure legal compliance and resolve problems.

 The most successful independent HR consultants operate as HR business partners, to all their clients

How H2R Helps

H2R enables independent HR consultants to offer more than just basic HR administration and problem resolution services to their clients.

H2R enables independent HR consultants to provide a HR business partner service that will increase employee productivity, improve employee engagement and balance pay and reward.

Employee Self Service

  • Add value to your clients by reducing the administration burden and save them time and money

Manager Self Service

  • Add Value to your clients by increasing their knowledge and making it easy to implement good practices


  • H2R includes the tools that a stand-alone HR professional needs to manage every aspect of running any payroll. H2R can also provide a comprehensive payroll bureau. Payroll module

Legal Compliance

  • H2R has a library of policies, procedures and documents written by solicitors, tailored to your requirements so you are always legally compliant and commercially focused. Legal compliance module

Employee Benefits

  • H2R includes a comprehensive employee benefits programme that links to employee lifestyle aspirations. Employee benefits module 


  • With H2R you can manage your company pension plan and fulfil your auto enrolment responsibilities. Pensions module


  • The comprehensive reporting tools in H2R enable you to review the past and take contribute a strategic view of the future Reporting module 

Employee Administration

  • H2R streamlines every aspect of every stage of the administration of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring. Employee Administration module


  • H2R provides the recruitment and selection management tools that will enable a stand-alone HR professional to reduce their time to hire. Recruitment Module


  • With H2R a stand-alone HR professional has access to the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue of learning resources and training courses. Work Place Learning Center

Expert Assistance

With H2R the stand-alone HR professional has the backing of the Abeceder HR support team.

The Abeceder HR support team can provide support for every aspect of the employer, employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Whether it is one-off extra pair or hands you need, or a retained on-going support, or a specialist for a specific project you will find the correct person with the correct skills and knowledge to help you and make sure that you do the correct thing in the correct way, at the correct time, first time.

Someone to Talk to

There will be a H2R professional with experience of being a stand-alone HR professional available to answer your questions. That includes those times when you just want someone to chat too.

Send Requirements

  • When you decide that you need workers from an external provider, you need those workers quickly

How H2R Helps

  • With the H2R recruitment module you can share worker requirements with external labour providers and manage the recruitment and induction process

Manage Flexible Workers

  • Flexible workers need to be managed in the same way as your employees with successes and problems handled promptly

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R you can manage every aspect of your flexible workers activities, and still share appropriate information with your labour provider

Work Life Balance

In the twenty-first century work takes many forms but always exists to facilitate the fulfilment of a flexible workers’ lifestyle aspirations.

How H2R Helps

The performance management tools in H2R enable managers and flexible workers to work together to build links between the achievement of their work objectives and the fulfilment of their lifestyle aspirations.

Best Work

  • The most productive organisations are those where every worker is contributing to the best of their potential

How H2R Helps

  • Tools within H2R enable managers and flexible workers to identify, together, how a worker can best fulfil their potential at work

Best Life

  • Higher levels of worker motivation are achieved when they can see work as facilitating their desired lifestyle

How H2R Helps

  • Tools and content within H2R help to improve flexible worker engagement by linking an individual’s work to the fulfilment their best life

Employee HR Support

Your Employee Assistance Programme which includes access to your Abeceder HR support team can be made available to your flexible workers

Someone to talk to

There will be a H2R employment expert with experience of managing remote workers available to answer your questions