Modules: Learning and Development

No organisation stands still, you are either moving forward, or you are standing still, while your competition is moving forward, which means that you are moving backwards.

H2R enables you to ensure that your organisation is constantly moving forward with a logic and intuitive process for identifying learning needs and the delivery and recording of training activities.

Four stages of learning

H2R enables you to effectively implement all four stages of learning cycle

Learning Needs Analysis

  • The first stage of the learning cycle is to identify what an individual needs to learn

Delivery of Training

  • Stage two of the learning cycle is when training activity of some form takes place


  • Stage three of the learning cycle is when the individual turns their experience into learning

Assessment of impact

  • Stage four of the learning cycle is when the return on investment in learning is assessed

Three Key Actions

Performance Reviews

  • With H2R you can use the job descriptions, job guides and multiple level objectives to identify what an employee needs to learn to be successful at work

Objectives Management

  • The performance management module and learning and development module in H2R both enable you to define objectives to help employees fulfil their learning needs

Personal Development

  • H2R enables you to connect the achievement of an employee’s work-related learning objectives to the attainment of the employee’s lifestyle aspirations

Training Delivery

With H2R you can access the extensive multi brand, multi format catalogue of learning resources and training course of Work Place Learning Centre.

We will always be able to identify the correct training activity to enable you to meet any learning need from a one-off course for a specific individual to a company-wide learning programme.

Physical Classroom

  • A wide range of in-company and public classroom-based training courses


  • One-to-one coaching provided by fully qualified and specialist coaches


  • Formal mentoring programmes to support key workers develop new approaches

Webinar and Podcasts

  • An ever-increasing schedule of live webinars and a recorded webinars and podcasts

Virtual Classroom

  • Live on-line classroom training for individuals or groups of employees


  • Structured sharing of skills, knowledge, and experience between colleagues


  • Access thousands of anywhere anytime just in time learning opportunities

Video-based learning

  • A library of videos covering drama based learning and recorded presentations

Bespoke Training Activities

Our team of learning and development professionals will create a bespoke learning activity to meet the learning needs of a single employee or the all of your workforce 

Learning for Succession and Performance

Job Guides

  • With H2R your employees can create their own how to guides for their jobs to help share skills and knowledge and create succession opportunities

Performance Standards

  • When it is not appropriate to set an objective, with H2R you can record the performance standards required for any activity associated with any job role.


With H2R you can create a multi-level, company-wide, or job specific induction programme and monitor the progress of new starters to completion