Modules: Payroll

H2R provides the infrastructure that enables you to pay your people accurately and on time, a key factor in ensuring your organisation operates at its maximum potential.

Alternatively, Abeceder can provide a comprehensive payroll bureau service, freeing you from the hassle of running a payroll internally

Supporting your Payroll Department

Straight forward interface

  • H2R has a payroll module includes a straight-forward easy to implement and operate interface with all the major payroll software including Sage Payroll.

Legal and Tax Compliance

  • H2R Payroll complies with legal and taxation requirements of all four countries of the UK.

    H2R Payroll also manages the payment of internationally based employees

Comprehensive Payroll Management Solution

H2R Payroll covers every aspect of every stage of the payroll cycle

Every type of employee

  • H2R will enable your Payroll Department to make payments to every type of employee from variable hours gig workers to full time senior directors.

Time and Attendance

  • Accurately record time worked and employee absences


Performance Related Pay

  • Link results achieved to pay and rewards


Every Type of Payroll

  • H2R will enable your Payroll Department to operate multiple payroll periods, weekly, fortnightly, lunar, monthly, quarterly, and annual.

Overtime and Variable Pay

  • Accurately record variable pay entitlements

Authorised Deductions

  • Smoothly manage authorised deductions

Providing You with a Payroll Bureau

Payroll Professionals

  • The H2R payroll bureau team are professionally qualified experts, with wide ranging industry experience.

Industry and Local Knowledge

  • Your H2R payroll expert understands the pay expectations of your industry, and every location that you have employees working

Flexible Approach

  • As with every other aspect of H2R our Payroll Bureau will adapt to the changing needs of your organisation

International and Expatriate Payroll

  • Regardless of where your employees work the H2R Payroll Bureau will provide an accurate and timely payment service.

Employee Benefits

All H2R Payroll and H2R Payroll Bureau users have access to an extensive and comprehensive range of employee benefits, enabling you to create personalised employee reward packages that truly motivate and engage employees and help to build a hiring to retiring relationship.

Someone to talk to

Regardless of whether you are using H2R payroll internally or have opted to take advantage of the H2R payroll bureau there will always be a payroll professional to answer your questions.