Modules: Reporting

With the H2R reporting function you can make sure that managers, and employees receive the information they need.

Comprehensive Payroll Management Solution

H2R Payroll covers every aspect of every stage of the payroll cycle

Statutory Reports

  • H2R creates the reports you need to be able to complete your statutory reporting obligations

Standard Reports

  • H2R standard reports cover the principle information needs of your organisation

Statutory Plus Reports

  • H2R goes further and will create reports that expand on your statutory reporting obligations

Bespoke report writer

  • The H2R bespoke report writer enables you to create your own regular or one-off reports

Presentation of information

How the information in your report is presented is up to you


  • Report can arrive as a spreadsheet, enabling your manual analysis


  • Reports can be presented graphically ready for your presentation


  • Reports can be presented as animated graphics for presentations

Rules for Employees

Sometimes providing individual performance, and comparison information can help an employee change their performance and highlight an issue before it becomes a problem

How are they doing?

  • H2R creates reports that help employees see how they are performing against their objective targets and milestones

How do they compare?

  • With H2R you can let employees know how their performance, attendance, or timekeeping compares to their colleagues

H2R feature user reports

H2R provides you with information which explains how your employees are using H2R

H2R user comparison reports

When you subscribe to H2R you are entitled to join the H2R research community. 

Organisations agree to share anonymised information with other members of the community for the purposes of performance comparisons against averages and learning from good practice.

Someone to talk to

There will always be a H2R information analysis specialist available to answer your questions