Organisations: Small Business

H2R provides small businesses with a straight-forward infrastructure that enables them to take on the challenges of being an employer with confidence.

Module 1: Abeceder research showed that the average small business manager will spend sixty percent of their time dealing with employment related work and solving employee related problems


Putting the Logic into Employee Management

The Complex Side of Running a Business

  • The most complex aspect of managing any business is the people that it employs

How H2R Helps

  • With logical processes and an intuitive user experience H2R provides the most straight-forward approach possible to managing HR for both employers and employees

Protecting the Business and the Employees

  • Good employees are a great business asset, successful businesses protect their assets

How H2R Helps

  • Combing HR software with wide ranging professional support including employment solicitors means H2R provides the security that small businesses need

Successful HR in a Small Business

After working with a wide range of small businesses around the world in numerous industries we have identified how HR software can contribute to the success of any type of small business

Line Manager as HR Manager

Being an employer involves complying with a lot of legislation and following even more policies and procedures.

It is hardly surprising that small business managers spend on average three days a week dealing with employment related issues

How H2R Helps

H2R provides a comprehensive framework of modules which make it easy for a small business manager to fulfil their HR management responsibilities.

Combine the H2R software with professional HR support, including employment solicitors, and the small business manager has a complete peace of mind employee management solution


  • Get recruitment right and you remove the potential for employee related problems

How H2R Helps

  • Tools in H2R will help you to describe both the work that needs to be done and the person who is most likely to be a successful employee


  • A small business is only as good as what its employees, are capable of delivering

How H2R Helps

  • H2R enables a small business to link business plan objectives to training needs, and to manage every stage of the learning process

Performance Management

  • Small businesses often do not have, or fail to implement a structured approach to giving employees feedback that could improve their performance

How H2R Helps

  • H2R includes straight forward intuitive tools that enable you to create multi-level objectives, plan work activities and provide feedback to employees

Employee Retention

  • With a small workforce each employee and their key skills and knowledge is essential, a small business can not afford to lose any of them

How H2R Helps

  • H2R will help a you to identify why people work and to build links between the achievement of work objectives and the fulfilment of lifestyle aspirations  

Reward and Recognition

  • Many small businesses do not have a pay and benefits strategy. Pay is often set at uncompetitive levels and benefits do not appeal to their employees

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R small businesses can structure a comprehensive pay and benefits strategy. The H2R research community can help identify the market rate for any job role

Absence and Attendance Management

  • Perhaps the biggest HR issue facing small businesses is making sure that people attend work on time and are productive when they are there

How H2R Helps

  • H2R includes several tools to help a small business identify attendance and time-keeping problems and then manage the process of implementing a solution

Employee Relations and Conflict Management

  • Small businesses often find dealing with relationship breakdown difficult because they do not have the knowledge or systems that help prevent or resolve them

How H2R Helps

  • H2R includes the tools that make establishing, maintaining good employee relations, and dealing with problems easier for any small business

Legal Compliance

  • Many small businesses find it difficult to comply with the legislation that applies to employment, health and safety, and other commercial legal issues.

How H2R Helps

  • H2R offers small businesses a complete legislation support package including, employment, health and safety and every aspect of corporate law

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