Make a positive impact on your employees’ health and well-being

With BHSF in H2R you have access to a comprehensive range of preventative health and treatment benefits

Health and Well-Being App

  • The first step to making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees is to provide them with access to the BHSF in H2R health and wellbeing app.

Health Insurance

  • With BHSF in H2R you can help your employees spread the cost of essential healthcare like dentists and opticians and provide comprehensive private health insurance.

Carer Support

  • BHSF in H2R helps you provide support for employees who are increasingly likely to be responsible for the care of an older relative or loved one

Occupational Health

  • The occupational health services available with BHSF in H2R help you to keep your employees healthy and attending work, and get them back to work

Employee Assistance Programme

  • The BHSF in H2R EAP, gives your employees access to a 24/7 emotional, financial, and legal support helpline which is staffed by accredited counsellors  

GP Helpline 143

  • With BHSF in H2R your employees have 24/7 access to a GP with online video consultations with a doctor, and an electronic private prescription service.