Soft Skills Development

The Bookboon e-library of e-Learning, e-Books and e-Talks is built in to H2R.

Increase employee productivity by improving employee soft skills with the Bookboon library of over 1,000 e-Books, e-Learning courses, and e-Talks directly accessible from H2R


  • A library of over 1,700 bite-sized business eBooks on soft skills and personal development written by industry-leading experts available in H2R


  • Lasting from ten minutes to two hours, Bookboon e-Learning provides focused one-sitting learning experiences, that build soft skills competency.


  • Bookboon e-Talks and interviews provide you with the opportunity to listen to subject experts explain solutions to key issues

Learning Management System

  • The Bookboon learning management system seamlessly integrates with the H2R learning and development module

Return on Investment

A study from Boston College, Harvard University and the University of Michigan found that soft skills training boosts employee productivity by 12{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc}, staff retention during training programmes by 10{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc} and delivers a 250{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc} return on investment.

Exclusive Content

  • All Bookboon learning resources e-Books, E-Learning, and e-Talks, are written, and produced exclusively for Bookboon by the world’s leading business experts

Quality Content

  • The rigorous vetting, by a team of industry experts, that every single Bookboon creator is subject to means you can have confidence in the quality of Bookboon

Learner Engagement

  • Bookboon is proud to be able to boast average user rates of over 40{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc} which are amongst the highest in the digital learning industry  

The Creators

  • Bookboon creators are selected because they are recognised experts in their field with years of practical and strategic experience

Learning Enhanced with A.I.

  • Every year Bookboon uses AI technology to analyse more than 75 million learning activities. This enables Bookboon to deliver a personalized learning experience, that meets each learner’s development needs.

Quality Control

  • A comprehensive 4-step quality control process including reviews by peers and the California State University is used by Bookboon to ensure that every learning resource can be considered as thought leadership.

E-Learning for Hiring and Marketing

The Bookboon soft skills e-Library of e-Learning, e-Books and e-Talks can be used in your hiring process to enhance the candidate experience

Free Student Resources

  • Enhance your graduate recruitment campaign by providing students with free e-textbooks from the Bookboon Student e-Library

Build a Talent Pipeline

  • Use Bookboon to build and maintain a positive relationship with both active and passive job seekers who visit your website

e-Learning for Marketing

  • Offer visitors to your website a free relevant e-Book, e-Learning, or e-Talk relevant to your business and carrying your brand and registrations could increase by 300-400{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc}

Candidate Preparation

  • Make your hiring more inclusive, by sharing a Bookboon e-Book, e-Learning, or e-Talk that will help candidates to prepare better applications and perform better in interviews

Always Someone to Talk to

There is always be an H2R learning and development professional available to help you deliver learning opportunities for your employees