Types of Employees:
Alumni and Retirees

H2R is all about helping organisations to build hiring to retiring relationships with their employees

People Management

For many employers, their relationship with their employee ends with resignation or retirement. 
But this means that fail to benefit from the real value that a well-managed alumni and retiree network can deliver

How H2R Helps

H2R uses intuitive processes and an engaging user experience to create a straight-forward people management solution that covers every aspect of every stage of the employer, employee relationship from hiring to retiring, and beyond.   


  • Former employees can be great sources of other employees or can become customers

How H2R Helps

  • H2R enables you and your former employees to benefit from building and easily maintaining an Alumni community


  • Retirees have skills, knowledge and expertise that could be beneficial to an organisation

How H2R Helps

  • Your retirees will enjoy the same H2R intuitive processes and engaging user experience as during their employment

Maintaining Contact

The most effective relationships are built when you do not need to make a request of the other person

How H2R Helps

H2R has the tools that enable both employers and former employee to benefit from the many benefits of keeping in touch

Managing Pensions

  • To many people lose track of their occupational pensions with past employers

How H2R Helps

  • Keep your Alumni up to date with pensions and other benefits communications with H2R

Continued Relationship

  • It is important to understand what your retirees want from retirement

How H2R Helps

  • Contribute to retiree well-being by using the tools in H2R to maintain contact

Good Career Plan

  • Tracking the development of skills and knowledge amongst your alumni might enable you to identify an opportunity to rehire them

How H2R Helps

  • Tools in H2R enable you to maintain contact with your alumni, so as their career develops, you can identify opportunities for returner employees

Continued Contribution

  • Sometimes you know the knowledge or skill needed to resolve an issue exists within the expertise of your retiree community

How H2R Helps

  • With H2R you can identify the Retirees who could be the coach a younger worker needs to be successful

Alumni and Retiree HR Support

Your Abeceder HR support team are available to support your Alumni and Retirees

Someone to talk to

There will be a H2R employment expert with experience of managing remote workers available to answer your questions