Types of Employees: Temporary Employees

H2R provides a logical solution for managing your temporary employees, creating opportunities for you to focus on increasing productivity and improving employee engagement

People Management

H2R Payroll and H2R Payroll Bureau users have access to an extensive and comprehensive range of employee benefits, enabling you to create personalised employee reward packages that truly motivate and engage employees and help to build a hiring to retiring relationship.

How H2R Helps

H2R uses intuitive processes and an engaging user experience to create a straight-forward people management solution that covers every aspect of every stage of the employer, temporary employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Employee Self Service

  • The administration of temporary employees is a time-consuming activity

How H2R Helps

  • H2R uses employee-self-service to avoid duplicated entry, saving time, and money

Good Work Plan

  • There are so many employment rules and guidelines to comply with

How H2R Helps

  • H2R is designed to help employers fulfil the principles of the Good Work Plan

Different Types of Temporary

  • Matching work to the lifestyle needs of a temporary employee requires organisations to provide a wide range of working options

How H2R Helps

  • H2R will support the management of any type of temporary employment relationship

Maintaining Contact

  • They may not be working with you, but there are substantial benefits to maintaining a positive relationship with them

How H2R Helps

  • H2R H2R facilitates contact with temporary employees when they are not working for you

Work Life Balance

In the twenty-first century work exists to facilitate the fulfilment of an employees’ lifestyle aspirations.

How H2R Helps

The performance management tools in H2R enable managers and employees to work together to build links between the achievement of their work objectives and the fulfilment of their lifestyle aspirations.

Best Work

  • Organisations that have temporary employees are most productive organisations when every employee is contributing to the best of their potential

How H2R Helps

  • Tools within H2R enable managers and employees to identify, together, how an employee can best fulfil their potential at work

Best Life

  • Higher levels of temporary employee motivation are achieved, when those employees can see work as facilitating their desired lifestyle

How H2R Helps

  • Tools and content within H2R help to improve employee engagement by linking an employee’s work to the fulfilment their best life

Employee HR Support

Your Employee Assistance Programme includes access to your Abeceder HR support team

Someone to talk

There will be a H2R employment expert, experienced in temporary employment available to answer your questions