Employers see the benefits of responding to an increasingly individual focused world

The industrial revolution created ways of working that focused on the mass production of standardised items of every kind. The technological revolution has created the opportunity to move away from a uniform life to one that focuses on individualisation and personalisation of products and services

Industrial Standardisation

Henry Ford an innovator in mass production is famous for saying that a customer can have their Model T in any colour so long as that colour was black

Technological Individualisation

Nowadays even a customer for the lowliest entry level Ford car can personalise a wide range of features of their new car without talking to a salesperson

Benefits of Personalisation

Ford along with virtually every other car manufacturer, and indeed any company knows that enabling a customer to personalise their product or service leads to less waste, and increased customer satisfaction

Personalisation Improves Performance

Robert Baker, author of Personalization at Work, writing in the autumn 2020 edition of CIPD Work magazine cited studies which found that when solving puzzles with a personalised pens, or playing golf with customise clubs people perform better than when using standard pens or clubs.

Work Remains Standardised

Despite evidence of the benefits of personalising an employee’s experience of work, employers remain fixed on a standardised approach to employment that Henry Ford would recognise.


  • Structuring work around rigid job descriptions and processes enables businesses to maintain a command and control approach to management.


  • Command and control managers do not trust their employees and worry that employees who personalise their work will damage the business


In reality, says Baker, research shows that when employees are given the opportunity to personalise their work, they tend to make small iterative and constructive changes that often benefit their colleagues and customers as well as themselves

Competitive Advantage

Many businesses, says Baker, have benefited from enabling employees to enjoy a personalised work experience


  • Enabling employees to personalise how they work, creates a reality of the rhetoric that an employer wants their employees to bring their complete, best self to work

People Focused

  • If employees can display their complete selves at work the employer can turn their diverse heritage, strengths, passions, and experience to a competitive advantage

How H2R Helps

H2R is focused on building a hiring to retiring relationship between an employer and their employee in which the employee is able to see how their contribution to the achievement of their employer’s corporate objectives can help them attain their lifestyle aspirations.

Individually Focused

Software and HR functions are designed to look at issues in different ways, and when it comes to employee management, one size, definitely, does not fit all.

The System

Conventional software, with a ticket system and artificial intelligence, is designed to deal with individual repeatable issues.

H2R is Sensitive

H2R is an employee management solution that understands managing employee involves dealing with confidential information and confidential situations including, work relationships, ethical concerns, and physical and mental health.


The H2R hiring module enables you to open-up work opportunities for candidates by providing them with information about how they can balance their work objectives and life’s commitments


The comprehensive H2R employee performance module enables you to create multiple format objectives that are linked to both business objectives and employee aspirations

Working Hours

H2R can manager an unlimited number of working days, and working hours combinations, so you can schedule work around an employee’s individual lifestyle commitments


With access to the extensive learning catalogue of WPLC you can build an individual learning plan for each of your employees

The Person

H2R adds to the conventional by enabling managers and HR professionals to deal with the people involved in an issue as individuals.

H2R is Secure

 H2R goes beyond standard security and privacy measures and provides a robust structure of technical and user-based checks and balances to ensure that information is only available to appropriate people at appropriate times.


With the H2R new starter induction learning module you and your new colleague can create an induction learning programme that focuses on the skills and knowledge they need to succeed

Employee Benefits

With the H2R benefits module your employees can create from a comprehensive menu of financial, health and lifestyle benefits those that best meet their individual needs  

Work Locations

With H2R you can manage any number of work locations, remote work hubs, home, and mobile workers, and give individual employees the chance to work where work works best 


The H2R absence management module enables you and your employees to build an absence plan that accommodates their lifestyle needs

Someone to talk to

A H2R professional is available to help you use soft skills development to improve employee productivity