The doctor will see you now on-line or on the telephone

Usage figures for the virtual GP services that are part of the BHSF in H2R employee benefits programme show more than just acceptance of virtual consultations

The Future of Health Care is Not Face to Face

During a speech about the future of healthcare at the Royal College of Physicians on 30th July 2020 the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock MP said that in the future patients will start their health care journeys with an on-line or telephone consultation with their GP, not a face to face meeting.

Move to Virtual Consultations

Evidence from the GP help line, which is part of the H2R employee management solution, is that people are already making use of these sorts of services in increasing numbers.

Figures just released show that calls to the telephone helpline and the online help service during 2020 are set to show an increase of a third over 2019 figures

Men are Seeking Help

Men are often criticised for putting off seeking help when they notice a problem. The delay in treatment for some conditions have a serious negative impact on the success of any treatment. 

Figures from the help line show an increase in calls from men of over 50{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc}.


  • 39{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc} of calls made by men

Projected for 2020

  • 44{2c5fa4a207590dbc67c859ea65d104513779c337fd57da23b1e3a11d2f50a9bc} made by men

When do People Call?

Medical staff covering the help line are least likely to receive a call for help at the weekend.



  • Most calls to the helpline in 2019 were made on Wednesday afternoons. This suggests a dip in health in the middle of the week, which of course is the furthest point from each weekend

2020 so far


  • But in 2020 most calls have been made on Tuesday afternoon. which might have implications for employee attendance, motivation, productivity, and engagement as well as employee health

How H2R Employee Benefits Help

The GP Help Line which is part of the H2R employee benefits programme is a practical benefit for both employers and their employees

Give Your Employees Access to a GP 24/7

How many employees struggle to book a GP appointment at a time and date that suits them and their employer?

Arranging Appointments

  • Trying to arrange an appointment, whether face-to-face or virtual with a busy GP that fits in with work and family commitments and commuting timetables can be tricky.


  • The GP consultation service provides, your employees and their families, with 24/7 access to a GP telephone help line, and video consultations with a doctor.


  • The GP help line service also includes an electronic private prescription service. So, prescriptions can be delivered to the employee at work or at home.

The GP help line service does not just save employers and their employees time. It also encourages employees to prioritise their health and wellbeing, making for a healthier, more productive, more engaged workforce.
employees can easily access GP support without having to take time off work to visit the surgery

Benefits for Employers

  • Encourages better health and wellbeing throughout the organisation
  • Helps to manage sickness absence through early intervention
  • Employees do not need to take time off work to speak to a doctor
  • A healthier workforce can increase productivity and improve employee engagement
  • This service is a cost-effective way to promote good employee wellbeing

Benefits for Employees

  • Convenience: Employees can speak to a doctor 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Peace of mind: Any issue can be discussed with the doctor, in confidence
  • Choice: Employees have the option to speak over the phone or use the video consultation service
  • Quality: All the doctors are GMC registered, licenced, and fit to practice
  • Support for the whole family: Partners and children can use the service as well

“Being able to speak with a doctor so quickly really eased my mind and immediately helped reduce the levels of stress I was going through”.

What is Included

  • Telephone helpline: Round-the-clock support from a GP, with no limit on consultation time or the number of times employees can call.
  • Video consultations: Face-to-face appointments with a doctor can offer more in-depth advice. Booked initially via telephone, video consultations are available 7 days a week between 08:00am and 10:00pm.
  • Electronic private prescriptions: Our doctors can issue private prescriptions that can be delivered via an online pharmacy directly to an employees’ workplace or home.

How it Works

  • Employees simply call the 24/7 helpline, where they will speak to an experienced member of the customer service team who will book either a telephone or video consultation with a GP at a convenient time.
  • One of the doctors will call the employee back at the appointed time and the consultation begins.

Someone to talk to

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